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Data Protection Rules:


  1. Obtain and process the information fairly

I will take names addresses and ages, emails, and emergency numbers from people who attend swimming lessons


  1. Keep it only for one or more specified and lawful purposes

Your information will be used for the sole purpose of advising you of lessons and any updates relating to swimeazy123 or your swimming.


  1. Process it only in ways compatible with the purposes for which it was given to you initially

It be used for attendance sheets, emailing you to update you about lessons or relevant information. The daughters of charity will need names of people attending for fire safety reasons.


  1. Keep it safe and secure

Information is kept on a computer, with an antivirus guard.


  1. Keep it accurate and up-to-date

You will be asked fill out a form regularly to ensure I have up to date information.


  1. Ensure that it is adequate, relevant and not excessive

Your email and emergency numbers are important in case I need to ring parent or guardian re an issue.


  1. Retain it no longer than is necessary for the specified purpose or purposes

Information that is older than 3 years will be deleted or on request.


  1. Give a copy of his/her personal data to any individual, on request.

If you need to k now what information is being kept on you, please email and you will be provided with such information

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